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Nikolai N. Ponomarev-Stepnoi

Nikolai N. Ponomarev-Stepnoi is Vice President of the Russian Research Center -- "Kurchatov Institute."

  • Academician; Power Engineering, incl. Nuclear Power, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1987.
  • Corresponding Member; General Power Engineering, incl. Plasma Power, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1984.
  • Professor; Nuclear Power Units, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russia, 1971.
  • Doctor of Sci.(Tech.); Nuclear Power Units, I.V.Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow, Russia, 1964.
  • Candidate of Sci.(Tech.); Nuclear Power Units, I.V.Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow, Russia, 1958.
  • Physical Engineer; Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics, Moscow, Russia, 1952.
Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" (Former Laboratory of Measuring Instruments of Academy of Sciences, I.V.Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow, Russia):

1952 -1992 -- Researcher, Head of Laboratory, Head of Division, First Deputy Director.
1992 - present -- Vice-President.

Combine Jobs:
Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russia, Professor -- 1956 - present time
SC "INERTEC", Moscow, Russia, Chairman of Board of Directors -- 1992 - present time
GTDC, Vienna, Austria, Member of Board of Scientific Directors -- 1994 - present time

Public Scientific Activity:
  • "Atomnaya Energiya", Moscow, Russia, Editor-in-Chief. 1979 - present time
  • "Nuclear Science and Engineering",ANS, Member of Editorial Board. 1989 - present time
  • Scientific Council for Atomic Power, RAS, Moscow, Russia, Chairman. 1995 - present time
  • RF Ministry of Atomic Energy, Member of Scientific Councils.
  • RF Ministry of Science & Technology, Member of Scientific Councils.
  • RF Ministry of Extreme Situations, Member of Scientific Councils.
  • Russian Nuclear Society, Member;
  • American Nuclear Society, Member.
  • Nuclear Society, Moscow, Russia, President. 1992 - 1993
  • Panel Plutonium Management, ANS, Member of Board. 1994 - 1995
Participation in and Organization of Scientific Seminars and Conferences:
  • Symposium on Space Nuclear Power, Albuquerque, USA. -- 1989 - 1997
  • Conference on Space Nuclear Power, Sukhumi, Semipalatinsk, Obninsk, Podol'sk, Russia. -- 1991 - 1995
  • Conference on Non-Proliferetion and Control, Moscow, Russia. -- 1996
Scientific Interest:
  • Physics and Technique of Nuclear Reactors;
  • Physics and Technique of Thermoionic Energy Conversion;
  • Nuclear and Radiation Safety;
  • Radiation Resistance of Nuclear Materials;
  • Non-Proliferation and Control of Nuclear Materials;
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Pu disposition, Th utilization).
Participation in R&D Projects:
  • Nuclear Aircraft (KAR);
  • Nuclear Rocket Engine (IVG);
  • Thermoelectric Converter Reactor (Romashka);
  • Space Nuclear Thermoionic Unit (Yenisei);
  • High-Temperature Helium-Cooled Reactor (VG-400, MHR);
  • Reactor for Isotope Production;
  • Water Reactor of New Generation (NP-640, VPBER, VVER-m);
  • Conversion of Commercial Reactor Cores.
  1. "Heat release in nuclear reactor", 1985, Moscow, Energoatom;
  2. "Profiling of nuclear reactor", 1988, Moscow, Energoatom.
Scientific articles in magazines and papers presented at conferences: 121 publications. Mission

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