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Harvey Rubin

Dr. Rubin received his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1974 and his MD from Columbia University in 1976. He was a House Officer in Medicine at The Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston and did his fellowship in infectious diseases at Harvard and the Brigham. He is currently Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania with secondary appointments in the Departments of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Computer and Information Sciences. His research on the basic biology of tuberculosis and other bacteria and the mathematical modeling of complex biological systems has been funded by the NIH, NSF, DARPA, the Global Alliance for TB Drug Discovery and DoD. He has published over 90 papers in peer-reviewed journals as well as numerous scientific reviews and book chapters. Dr. Rubin served on a number of national and international scientific review panels including those for the NIH, NSF, NASA Intelligent Systems Program, DARPA, and The Medical Research Council, South Africa. He was a member of the United States National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) and the Department of Defense/National Academy of Sciences Biological Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. He is the Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Incentives for Global Health Dr Rubin is the Director of Penn’s Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response (ISTAR). ISTAR is dedicated to identifying, analyzing and solving policy, scientific and technical issues that contribute to regional, national and international security.

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