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The WMD Expertise Redirection Project seeks to prevent the proliferation of weapons knowledge and skills by providing comprehensive analysis of the broad range of bilateral, multilateral, and private initiatives aimed at redirecting excess weapons scientists, engineers, and production workers in key countries and regions to peaceful employment opportunities. The Project has successfully developed new programs and policy initiatives to provide alternative employment for former weapons scientists in Russia.
WMD Expertise Redirection Project
2/4/2010  Opening the Closed Cities of the Soviet Union, Carnegie Corporation of New York
10/17/2006  U.S.-Russian Nuclear Program Expires, Caitlin Harrington, Arms Control Today
9/24/2006  U.S.-Russia Nuclear Scientist Program Losing Power, Mike Schuster, National Public Radio
9/20/2006  U.S.-Russia Effort to Contain Nuclear Experts Fades, Fred Weir and Mark Clayton, Christian Science Monitor, Christian Science Monitor
8/29/2006  U.S.-Russian Weapon Scientist Program on Verge of Demise, RANSAC Release, RANSAC
6/1/2006  Sarov Quarterly Bulletin Issue 26 (English), Sarov Analytical Center for Nonproliferation
6/1/2006  Sarov Quarterly Bulletin Issue 26 (Russian), Sarov Analytical Center for Nonproliferation
5/2/2006  Preliminary Analysis of the State Department's FY2007 WMD Threat Reduction Programs Budget Request, William Hoehn, RANSAC
4/19/2006  Integrating Scientist Redirection into a Global Proliferation Prevention Regime, Raphael Della Ratta, Bioproliferation Prevention Project Manager, RANSAC
4/1/2006  Sarov Quarterly Bulletin Issue 25 (English), Sarov Analytical Center for Nonproliferation

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