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The Globalizing Threat Reduction Project seeks to identify and apply those cooperative threat reduction principles, concepts, and programs that can be useful in addressing WMD proliferation dangers in countries and regions of the world beyond Russia and the former Soviet states. The Project also analyzes the challenges of extending threat reduction efforts to these new areas. In addition, this Project monitors and analyzes funding and policy issues related to the G-8 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction, and related contributions from other countries to international threat reduction programs.
Globalizing Threat Reduction Project
3/18/2013  Responsibility Beyond Rules: Leadership for a Secure Nuclear Future, Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group (NSGEG), NSGEG
3/15/2013  Challenges to Pakistan's Nuclear Security, Kenneth N. Luongo and Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Naeem Salik, Arms Control Today
2/12/2013  Promoting Greater Transparency for Effective Nuclear Security , Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group (NSGEG)
12/7/2012  Uncooperative Threat Reduction, Michelle Cann, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Partnership for Global Security
11/14/2012  Defining the End State of Improvement of Nuclear Security , Kenneth Luongo, President , Partnership for Global Security, Partnership for Global Security
10/1/2012  Improving Nuclear Security Regime Cohesion, Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group (NSGEG)
3/15/2012  Seoul Purpose, Michelle Cann, Kelsey Davenport, and Margaret Balza, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
3/15/2012  Nuclear Terrorism: A Clear Danger, Ken Luongo and Ken Brill , International Herald Tribune
3/15/2012  Nuclear Security Governance for the 21st Century: Assessment and Action Plan, Kenneth Luongo, President , US-Korea Institute at SAIS, Partnership for Global Security
3/14/2012  The Nuclear Security Summit and Global Nuclear Security Governance for the 21st Century, Kenneth Luongo, President , Partnership for Global Security

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