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International & G-8 Threat Reduction Project
6/17/2005  Congressional Seminar: Expanding Cooperative Threat Reduction: Challenges and Opportunities, Jeffrey Read, Research Assistant, RANSAC
3/18/2005  Albanian Chemical Weapons Destruction, Jeffrey Read, Research Assistant, RANSAC, RANSAC
1/25/2005  Pakistan's Nuclear Proliferation Activities and the 9/11 Commission, Congressional Research Service
11/4/2004  India-US Relations, K. Alan Kronstadt, Congressional Research Service
10/8/2004  Pakistan-US Relations, K. Alan Kronstadt, Congressional Research Service
9/28/2004  Conference on Disarmament Seminar on Expanded Cooperative Threat Reduction, RANSAC and Landau Network-Centro Volta
Eight Points on Cooperative Threat Reduction: A View from Russia, Alexander Pikayev, IMEMO RAS
Expanding Cooperative Threat Reduction: Opportunities and Issues, Kenneth N. Luongo, Executive Director, RANSAC
Internationalizing and Expanding Cooperative Threat Reduction Programs, Maurizio Martellini
Introductory Remarks, H.E. Ambassador Carlo Trezza, Conference on Disarmament
The Role of the EU in International Non-proliferationand Disarmament Assistance, Ian Anthony, SIPRI
9/1/2004  Cooperative Threat Reduction for a New Era, James E. Gooby, Daniel L. Burghart, Cheryl A. Loeb, and Charles L. Thornton, National Defense University
7/27/2004  Prospects of Threat Reduction Measures in South Asia, R. Rajaraman, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
7/27/2004  Conceptual Approaches to Threat Reduction Expansion: Context and Principles, Charles L. Thornton, University of Maryland
7/27/2004  Adapting Cooperative Threat Reduction: Lessons from Iraq and Libya, Anne M. Harrington, Office of Proliferation Threat Reduction, U.S. Department of State
7/27/2004  Expanding Threat Reduction: Evaluating New Opportunities. RANSAC Workshop Agenda
7/27/2004  Overview of U.S.-China Nonprolferation Cooperation, Kenneth N. Luongo, Executive Director, RANSAC
7/21/2004  Foreign Policy Aspects of the War against Terrorism - Seventh Report of Session 2003–04, Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons
7/8/2004  UK and NZ to help Russia destroy chemical weapons, Hon Marian Hobbs, The New Zealand Government
7/2/2004  NZ supporting destruction of Russian chem weapons, Hon Phil Goff, The New Zealand Government
7/1/2004  Pakistan's Strategic Thinking and the Role of Nuclear Weapons, Major General Mahmud Ali Durrani (Ret.), Sandia National Laboratories
6/29/2004  On Allocation by Australia of Funds to Implement G8 Global Partnership Projects, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
6/24/2004  AUSTRALIA GIVES $10 MILLION TO HELP DISMANTLE OLD NUCLEAR SUBMARINES, Alexander Downer, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia
6/15/2004  Summary of a Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing - Sea Island and Beyond: Status Report on the Global Partnership Against Weapons of Mass Destruction, Michael Roston, Analyst, Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
6/14/2004  Prime Minister's Statement to the House on the G8 Sea Island Summit (excerpted), Prime Minister Tony Blair, 10 Downing Street
6/11/2004  Press conference following the G-8 summit (excerpted), President Vladimir V. Putin, The Kremlin
6/9/2004  G8 Consolidated Report of Global Partnership Projects, G8 Senior Group
6/9/2004  G8 Action Plan on Nonproliferation , The Group of Eight Summit
6/9/2004  Belgium Joins the Global Partnership , Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of Belgium
6/9/2004  On the Signing of an Agreement with Canada on Cooperation in the Destruction of Chemical Weapons, the Disposition of Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines and the Accounting, Control and Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials and Radioactive Substances, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
6/9/2004  Korea to Participate in G-8 Global Partnership, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea
6/8/2004  Press Briefing on Nonproliferation , The White House
6/3/2004  Alexander Yakovenko, the Spokesman of Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Answers a Media Question Regarding Economic Component of the visit of Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to Norway (excerpted), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
6/1/2004  Further NZ contribution to disarmament, Hon Marian Hobbs, The New Zealand Government
5/20/2004  Preparing for the Sea Island Summit, John Bolton, Department of State
5/1/2004  The G-8 Global Partnership – German-Russian Cooperation, Federal Ministry of Labour and Economics of Germany
4/24/2004  NEXT STEPS IN NON-PROLIFERATION - Remarks at the Conference "The G-8 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction", Alexander Vershbow, Department of State
4/23/2004  Interview with Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton, PIR-Center for Policy Studies in Russia
4/1/2004  Eliminating Stockpiles of Highly Enriched Uranium – Options for an Action Agenda in Co-operation with the Russian Federation, HEU Elimination Study Group, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1/28/2004  Ukraine-US Consultations On Non-Proliferation And Export Control Issues To Be Held Twice A Year, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
11/21/2003  The Global Partnership against the spread of weapons and materials of mass destruction, Uta Zapf, Chair of the Subcommittee on Disarmament, Arms Control and Nonproliferation of the Bundestag, Strasbourg Interparliamentary Conference
11/8/2003  4 Million for Destruction of Chemical Weapons, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
6/3/2003  Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Issues at the 2003 Group of Eight Summit in Evian-les-Bains, France, Michael Roston, Analyst, Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
6/3/2003  Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction - a G-8 Action Plan
6/3/2003  Securing Radioactive Sources - a G-8 Action Plan
6/3/2003  Securing Radioactive Sources - a G-8 Statement
2/1/2003  Nuclear Terrorism and South Asia, Rajesh M. Basrur and Hasan-Askari Rizvi, Sandia National Laboratories
10/9/2002  Perspectives on the G-8 Global Partnership Against The Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Kenneth N Luongo, Executive Director, Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
10/9/2002  Summary of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing: A Progress Report on 10 + 10 Over 10, Michael Roston, Analyst, Russian-American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
9/1/2002  Recent Developments in China's Export Controls, Jing-Dong Yuan, Phillip C. Saunders, and Stephanie Lieggi, Nonproliferation Review
9/1/2002  China's Fissile Material Protection, Control, and Accounting, Nathan Busch, Nonproliferation Review
8/1/2002  Enhancing Nuclear Security in the Counter-Terrorism Struggle, Rose Gottemoeller, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
6/27/2002  The G8 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction
10/4/2001  Securing Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Complex, David Albright, Institute for Science and International Security
9/1/1998  Protection of Fissile Materials: The Indian Experience, P. R. Chari, Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security
7/28/1998  House of Commons - Trade and Industry Committee - Ninth Committee - Georgian Nuclear Material at Dounreay
4/1/1998  The US-China Lab-to-Lab Technical Exchange Program, Nancy Prindle, Nonproliferation Review
6/21/1997  Report from the Summit of Eight on the Strategy of Global Integration for Peace

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