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The Biological Threat Reduction Project focuses on reducing the potential for the proliferation of dangerous biological agents by promoting security for sensitive biological infrastructure, monitoring bilateral and multilateral efforts to create peaceful market-oriented and public health-related employment opportunities for biological experts in Russia and the former Soviet states, and developing new initiatives that can facilitate these goals.
Biological Threat Reduction Project
10/18/2012   Global Biosecurity Bulletin July- August 2012 , Benjamin Ash and Pia Ulrich, Partnership for Global Security
10/10/2012  Reported Accomplishments of Selected Threat Reduction and Nonproliferation Programs for FY 2011, Benjamin Ash, Partnership for Global Security
7/31/2012  National Strategy for Biosurveillance, The White House
7/5/2012  Global Biosecurity Bulletin May - June 2012, Benjamin Ash, Partnership for Global Security
12/12/2011  Global Biosecurity Bulletin November - December 2011, Matthew McKinney, Partnership for Global Security
10/26/2011  Global Biosecurity Bulletin September - October 2011, Matthew McKinney, Partnership for Global Security
8/29/2011  Global Biosecurity Bulletin July - August 2011, Matthew McKinney, Partnership for Global Security
6/30/2011  2011 Biosecurity Conference On-Site Program
6/6/2011  BWC Review Conference President's Letter Supporting 2011 Biosecurity Conference
6/2/2011  Global Biosecurity Bulletin April - May 2011, Nicholas Banco, Partnership for Global Security

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