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US-Russian Cooperative Responses to September 11th
Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
US-Russian Cooperative Responses to September 11th

Michael Roston, Analyst - 11/26/01

Formal Cooperative Activities

Humanitarian relief operations from Russian airspace (Washington Post, 9/26/01)

Search and rescue missions (Washington Post, 9/26/01)

Support for Northern Alliance in Afghanistan in military, financial, and technical means (, 10/04/01)

Intelligence sharing, including data on 1980s Soviet operations in Afghanistan, current data on terrorist networks and activities, and early warning on potential terrorist activities (AP, 10/05/01)

Bilateral law enforcement activities to detain terrorist suspects (Washington File, 10/05/01)

Collaboration on investigation of terrorist financial networks (Washington File, 10/04/01)

Sharing of methods and expertise for responses to incidents of bioterrorism, especially anthrax, including sale of irradiation technology for US Postal Service (Reuters, 10/17/01)

Russian acquiescence within CIS framework to US deployment in Central Asian military bases (Russia Journal, 9/28/01)

Reinforcement of border security by Russian armed forces in Tajikistan (, 10/04/01)

Campaign for political dialog between Chechen rebels and Russia (Washington File, 10/04/01)

Counter-narcotics activities to deny cash to terrorists (Washington File, 11/15/01)

Proposed Activities by US & Russian Government/Policy Figures

Adding teeth to existing UN convention on financing of terrorist activities, and creating international agreements on organized crime, drug trafficking, and nuclear smuggling (Russia Journal, 9/28/01)

General dialog on ways to strengthen nuclear nonproliferation activities (Russia Journal, 9/28/01; Washington File, 11/15/01)

Duma-Congress taskforce to coordinate anti-terrorism approaches(Rep. Curt Weldon, October 2001)

Pressure on Georgia and President Shevardnadze to decrease support for Chechen rebels (McFaul, October 2001)

Creation of filtration camps in Central Asia to detect Afghan militants seeking to hide among refugees (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 10/09/01)

Developing a common definition of "terrorist." (President Vladimir Putin, NPR Interview, 11/15/01)

Activities Declared Out-of-Bounds by Russia

Involvement of Russian forces within Afghanistan (Moscow Times, 10/09/01)

No stationing of US troops on Russian soilInclusion of any moderate elements of the Taliban in a post-war Afghani government (BBC News, 10-24-01)

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