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U.N. & International Atomic Energy Agency
9/18/2004  Introductory Remarks at the Global Threat Reduction Initiative Partners Conference, Mohamed ElBaradei, International Atomic Energy Agency
6/30/2004  Russia´s President Putin Strongly Backs IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency
5/27/2004  IAEA Welcomes US New Global Threat Reduction Initiative , International Atomic Energy Agency
4/28/2004  United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540, U.N. Security Council
3/24/2004  Draft Resolution on Non-Proliferation, U.N. Security Council
3/8/2004  Removal of High-Enriched Uranium in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya , International Atomic Energy Agency
3/8/2004  New Life for Research Reactors? Bright Future But Far Fewer Projected, International Atomic Energy Agency
3/8/2004  Research Reactors & Security – IAEA Promotes Research Reactor Safety, International Atomic Energy Agency
12/24/2003  Removal of High-Enriched Uranium - IAEA, USA, Russia Assist Bulgaria in Removal of HEU Fuel, International Atomic Energy Agency
9/24/2003  On the IAEA 47th General Conference, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Daily News Bulletin
8/20/2003  Nuclear Security – Measures to Protect Against Nuclear Terrorism, International Atomic Energy Agency
1/1/2003  Main Problems of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management in the Russian Federation
12/31/2002  Treaties Against Nuclear Terrorism
1/1/2002  Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Revisiting The Basics
1/1/2002  Controlling Radioactive Sources
12/31/2001  Report On The Trilateral Initiative
10/1/2001  U.N. Secretary General Urges Tighter Controls on Weapons of Mass Destruction
9/24/2001  Time to Control Tactical Nuclear Weapons, a seminar report by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research
9/1/2001  The September 1991 Presidential Nuclear Initiatives and the Elimination, Storing and Security Aspects of Tactical Nuclear Weapons
1/1/2001  Nuclear Material In The NIS, Kenji Murakami & Richard Olsen
1/1/2001  Nuclear Theft & Sabotage, Matthew Bunn & George Bunn
1/1/2001  Security Of Radioactive Sources, Abel J. Gonzalez
5/8/2000  INFCIRC/588 - Communication of 17 April 2000 Received From the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the International Atomic Energy Agency
1/1/2000  Supporting The Initiative: Cooperation In Radioactive Waste Management With The Russian Federation, Arnold Bonne & Boris Semenov
12/31/1999  Verification Of Weapon-Origin Fissile Material In The Russian Federation & United States
5/19/1999  INFCIRC/579 - Communication Received On 10 May 1999 From The Permanent Mission Of The Russian Federation To The International Atomic Energy Agency
2/28/1999  Facilitating Radioactive Waste Management Co-operation with the Russian Federation, Boris Semenov and Arnold Bonne
1/1/1999  Preventing The Next Case: Radioactive Materials & Illicit Trafficking , Klaus E. Duftschmid
1/1/1999  Lost & Found Dangers: Orphan Radiation Sources Raise Global Concerns, Pedro Ortiz, Vilmos Friedrich, John Wheatley, & Modupe Oresegun
7/9/1998  Nuclear Nonproliferation: Uncertainties With Implementing IAEA's Strengthened Safeguards System, General Accounting Office
12/24/1997  INFCIRC/546 - Joint Convention On The Safety Of Spent Fuel Management And On The Safety Of Radioactive Waste Management
6/4/1996  INFCIRC/509 - Text of the Moscow Nuclear Safety and Security Summit Declaration Moscow, 19-20 April 1996

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