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1/30/2004  Press Release on US-Russia Nonproliferation Consultations, Press Service of the Security Council of the Russian Federation
10/31/2003  Report on the results of an audit into the legality and proper use of funds allocated from the federal budget for the purpose of comprehensive decommissioning of nuclear submarines, including the fulfilment of international contracts in 2002, in the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation and other sites, Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation
4/28/2003  Statement by the Head of the Russian Delegation, Chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation on Chemical Disarmament, S. V. Kirienko, at the first session of the Conference to review the functioning of the Chemical Weapons Convention
12/16/2002  Chelyabinsk Region. Representatives from the YABLOKO faction visit the Mayak plant, VolgaInform
12/31/1999  KI RRC (Kurchatov Center) Nonproliferation Database (NPDB)
9/10/1998  Uranium Production Plans and Developments in the Nuclear Fuel Industries of Ukraine, Anatoly Chernov, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine, The Uranium Institute Twenty Third Annual Symposium

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