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Ministry of Defense
7/13/2004  Russia and NATO: Strategic Partners Responding to Emerging Threats, Sergei Ivanov, Ministry of Defense
10/9/2003  Press Briefing by Sergey Ivanov, Russian Minister of Defence (excerpted), NATO
7/2/2002  On The Submission At The Conference On Disarmament Of A Russian-Chinese Draft Working Document On The Prevention Of The Placement Of Weapons In Space, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
3/13/2002  Secretary Rumsfeld Joint Press Conference with Russian Defense Minister Ivanov, Department of Defense
12/14/2000  Nunn-Lugar destroying weapons at Soviet-era military facility
11/1/1999  Nuclear Weapons Security Assessment and Training Center Opens
9/14/1999  U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen Press Conference with the Director of the Zvezdochka Ship Yard, Nikolay Kalistropov at the Zvezdochka Ship Yard, Severodvinsk, Russia, USIA

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