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Russian Nuclear Forces
9/9/2004  Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons, Amy F. Woolf, Specialist in National Defense, Congressional Research Service, Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division
11/1/2003  Russia's Tactical Nuclear Weapons - Part I: Background and Policy Issues, Gunnar Arbman and Charles Thornton, Swedish Defence Research Agency
10/28/2003  George Robertson: I Would not Exclude Russia Joining NATO in the Future (excerpted), Interfax
10/9/2003  Questions and Answers with NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson at the Press Conference Following the Working Session for Allied and Invitee Defence Ministers (Excerpted)
9/12/2003  A Review of the Suitcase Nuclear Bomb Controversy, David Smigielski
6/12/2003  Final Communique of the Ministerial Meeting of the NATO Defense Planning Committee and the Nuclear Planning Group (excerpted), NATO
4/1/2003  Current Strategic Nuclear Forces of the Former Soviet Union, Fact Sheet from the Arms Control Association
6/8/2001  Congressional Seminar: Status and Future of Russian Nuclear Forces, G. J. Marsh
4/15/1997  Export Controls: Sales of High Performance Computers to Russia's Nuclear Weapons Laboratories, General Accounting Office
9/30/1996  Nuclear Weapons: Russia's Request for the Export of U.S. Computers for Stockpile Maintenance, General Accounting Office

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