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U.S.-Russian Nonproliferation Programs
10/18/2007  Cooperation on Bio-Initiatives in Russia and the NIS: Toward a True Partnership, Kenneth N. Luongo, Derek Averre, Raphael Della Ratta, and Maurizio Martellini , Partnership for Global Security
1/23/2007  Global Biosecurity and Biological Proliferation Prevention Resources, Partnership for Global Security
5/12/2006  Advancing International Cooperation on Bio-Initiatives in Russia and the CIS, Derek Averre, Kenneth Luongo, Maurizio Martellini, RANSAC and Landau Network-Centro Volta
12/1/2005  Strengthening U.S.-Russian Cooperation on Nuclear Nonproliferation, National Research Council
12/1/2005  Revitalizing U.S.-Russian Security Cooperation, Richard Weitz, International Institute for Strategic Studies
9/12/2005  Rethinking Bio Proliferation Prevention: Security Culture in the NIS, Kenneth N. Luongo, Derek Averre, Raphael Della Ratta, and Maurizio Martellini , The University of Georgia Center for International Trade and Security
9/9/2005  Global Cleanout of Civil Nuclear Material: Toward a Comprehensive, Threat-Driven Response, Phillipp Bleek, Strengthening the Global Partnership
8/31/2005  Nunn-Lugar Report, Office of Sen. Richard Lugar
8/30/2005  Adherence To And Compliance With Arms Control, Nonproliferation and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments, U.S. Department of State
8/29/2005  New Nunn-Lugar Biological Agreement Signed in Ukraine, Office of Sen. Richard Lugar

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