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Ending Production of Nuclear Weapons Material
9/9/2005  Global Cleanout of Civil Nuclear Material: Toward a Comprehensive, Threat-Driven Response, Phillipp Bleek, Strengthening the Global Partnership
6/30/2005  U.S. and Dutch Governments Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Elimination of Weapons Grade Plutonium Production, U.S. Department of Energy
4/11/2005  Two U.S. University Research Reactors to be Converted From Highly Enriched Uranium to Low-Enriched Uranium, U.S. Department of Energy
3/30/2005  Canada and the United States Cooperate to Shut Down One of the Last Weapons-Grade Plutonium Production Reactors in Russia, U.S. Department of Energy
12/20/2004  U.S. Signs Contract As Part of Effort to Permanently Shut Down Plutonium Production Reactors in Russia , U.S. Department of Energy
12/6/2004  Energy Department Extends Acceptance Policy for Spent Nuclear Fuel from Foreign Research Reactors, U.S. Department of Energy
6/14/2004  Remarks prepared for Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham for Eisenhower Institute Event at the National Press Club, Department of Energy
6/4/2004  NUCLEAR NONPROLIFERATION - DOE’s Effort to Close Russia’s Plutonium Production Reactors Faces Challenges, and Final Shutdown Is Uncertain, General Accounting Office
5/26/2004  Remarks prepared for Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham – International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Department of Energy
5/26/2004  Global Threat Reduction Initiative Highlights, Department of Energy

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