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Disposing of Nuclear Weapons Material
7/19/2005  Domenici: Long-Awaited U.S.-Russia Plutonium Liability Agreement is Critical Step in Right Direction , Office of Sen. Pete Domenici
6/1/2005  Congressional Liability Statements in FY2006 Legislation, RANSAC
4/1/2005  Energy Secretary Bodman Commends Key Milestone In MOX Program, United States Department of Energy
2/17/2005  Domenici has Sec. Rice Commitment to Advance U.S.-Russia Plutonium Disposition Program , Office of Sen. Pete Domenici
6/25/2004  STATEMENT OF ADMINISTRATION POLICY H.R. 4614 – Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill, FY 2005 (Sponsors: Young (R), Florida; Obey (D), Wisconsin ), Executive Office of the President
4/1/2004  Eliminating Stockpiles of Highly Enriched Uranium – Options for an Action Agenda in Co-operation with the Russian Federation, HEU Elimination Study Group, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
11/13/2003  Press Release - Congress Tells Administration to Solve Nonproliferation Liability Standoff, RANSAC
7/22/2003  Text of the Press Release from DOE: Secretary Abraham Proposes Continuing Defense Conversion Projects In Russian Closed Cities, Department of Energy
7/22/2003  A Letter from Members of Congress to President Bush regarding the Nuclear Cities Initiative and Plutonium Science and Technology Cooperation
7/18/2003  Letter to Kenneth Luongo, Executive Director of the Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council, Concerning the Extension of Two Department of Energy Nonproliferation Programs, Kenneth E. Baker, Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, National Nuclear Security Administration

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