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7/21/2004  Foreign Policy Aspects of the War against Terrorism - Seventh Report of Session 2003–04, Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons
7/7/2004  'Partnership Between Russia and the West is not Only Possible, But Essential' – Edited Transcript of Responses Made by the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, to Questions Posed by Interfax Correspondents On 7 July 2004 (excerpted), Foreign and Commonwealth Office
8/19/2003  Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov Speaks to Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamal Kharazi by Telephone, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
6/11/2003  The U.S. and Russia: Space Cooperation and Export Controls, Testimony Before the House Science Committee, Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics (excerpted), Steven Pifer, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of State, European and Eurasian Affairs
2/26/2003  Russia's Policy Toward Iraq, Iran and North Korea, The Honorable Mikhail V. Margelov, Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, Council of the Federation
4/27/2001  Congressional Seminar: Russia's Nuclear Cooperation with Iran and China, Kelly M. Turner
10/5/2000  Statement by John A. Lauder, Director, Directorate of Central Intelligence's Nonproliferation Center Statements on Russian Proliferation to Iran's Weapons of Mass Destruction and Missile Programs to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

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