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Proliferation Risks & Threats
1/25/2010  Making the Nuclear Security Summit Matter: An Agenda for Action, Kenneth Luongo, President , Partnership for Global Security
9/24/2009  The Subject Was Nuclear Weapons , New York Times
9/17/2009  How to Talk to Iran , Roger Cohen, New York Times
12/19/2007  Statement to the BWC 2007 Meeting of States Parties, Kenneth Luongo and Raphael Della Ratta, Partnership for Global Security
11/8/2006  India and Iran: WMD Proliferation Activities, Sharon Squassoni, Congressional Research Service
1/25/2006  Global Cleanout: Reducing the Threat of HEU-Fueled Nuclear Terrorism, Alexander Glaser and Frank N. von Hippel, Arms Control Today
12/5/2005  Final Report on 9/11 Commission Recommendations, 9/11 Public Discourse Project
12/5/2005  Report Card Summary of the Final Report on 9/11 Commission Recommendations, 9/11 Public Discourse Project
11/14/2005  Report on the Status of 9/11 Commission Recommendations, Part III: Foreign Policy, Public Diplomacy, and Nonproliferation, 9/11 Public Discourse Project
6/22/2005  The Lugar Survey on Proliferation Threats and Responses, Senator Richard Lugar, Office of Sen. Richard Lugar
5/1/2005  Securing the Bomb 2005: The New Global Imperatives, Matthew Bunn and Anthony Wier, Harvard University and the Nuclear Threat Initiative
4/15/2005  Congressional Seminar: Russian Nuclear Security after the Beslan Crisis, Jeffrey Read, Research Assistant, RANSAC
4/14/2005  House International Relations Committee Hearing on Averting Nuclear Terrorism, House International Relations Committee
1/1/2005  All Tools at Our Disposal: Addressing Nuclear Proliferation in a Post 9/11 World, House Policy Committee, US House of Representatives
5/3/2004  Black Dawn: Scenario-Based Exercise, Strengthening the Global Partnership
4/30/2004  Congressional Seminar: Nuclear Security in Russia – How Has the Threat Evolved?, Matthew Bouldin, Research Associate, RANSAC
2/10/2004  Ukrainian Foreign Ministry States That Al-Hayat Newspaper's Information about Ukraine's Turning Nuclear Ammunition over to Al-Qaida Terrorists is Absolutely Groundless, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
9/12/2003  A Review of the Suitcase Nuclear Bomb Controversy, David Smigielski
3/14/2003  Congressional Seminar: Russian Contributions to Nonproliferation Diplomacy and Anti-Terrorism Efforts, Lauren Arestie, Research Assistant
10/1/2002  Environmental Security Threat Report
7/31/2002  Knowing the Enemy, Anticipating the Threat
5/7/2002  Sam Nunn Co-Chairman, Nuclear Threat Initiative Testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations, Sam Nunn, Co-Chairman
3/24/2002  Hearing on Combating Terrorism: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism
3/19/2002  Hearing on the worldwide threat to United States interests
3/6/2002  Summary of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Meeting, Dirty Bombs and Basement Nukes: The Terrorist Nuclear Threat, Michael Roston and David Smigielski
3/6/2002  Dirty Bombs and Basement Nukes: The Terrorist Nuclear Threat
2/11/2002  Hearing on CIA National Intelligence Estimate of Foreign Missile Development and the Ballistic Missile Threat through 2015
2/1/2002  Annual Report to Congress on the Safety and Security of Russian Nuclear Facilities and Military Forces, National Intelligence Council
12/31/2001  Foreign Missile Developments and the Ballistic Missile Threat Through 2015
11/7/2001  Hearing on Current and Future Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Proliferation Threats
3/29/2001  Moving Away from Doomsday and Other Dangers: The Need to Think Anew, Sam Nunn, National Press Club, Sam Nunn, Co-Chairman
1/1/2001  Proliferation: Threat and Response, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense
1/1/2001  Nuclear Material In The NIS, Kenji Murakami & Richard Olsen
1/1/2001  Nuclear Theft & Sabotage, Matthew Bunn & George Bunn
12/1/2000  Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts, National Intelligence Council
2/9/2000  Hearing on The Unclassified Summary of the National Intelligence Estimate on the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States
1/24/2000  Russian Threats to United States Security in the Post-Cold War Era
10/26/1999  Hearing on Russian Threat Perceptions and Plans for Sabotage Against the United States
10/4/1999  James Baker, "Moving Past 'Who Lost Russia?'", James A. Baker, Former Secretary of State
3/19/1998  Hearing on Russian National Security Issues
10/1/1997  Hearing on Nuclear Terrorism and Countermeasures

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